Reading Achievement Booklets

Two separate comprehension passages in the Chinese Language were then chosen as test material: one an information-giving passage (descriptions, instructions, data and tables), and the other a literary, narrative passage (stories, poems and fables).


For more details, please see Chapter 2: PIRLS 2021 Context Questionnaire Framework of “PIRLS 2021 Assessment Frameworks” at the PIRLS 2021 official website, describing the types of contexts in which students learn to read. It describes the home and school factors which will be addressed in the PIRLS 2021 Encyclopedia and the questionnaires completed by countries, students, their parents, their teachers, and schools.

Sample Passages, Questions and Scoring Guides (International English)

Please visit Appendix H: Restricted Use Passages, Questions, and Scoring Guides at the PIRLS 2016 official website.