Attitudes and Attainment: A Comparison of Hong Kong, Singaporean and English Students’ Reading
 Tse, Shek Kam; Lam, Raymond Y. J.; Lam, Joseph W. I.; Chan, Yiu Man; Loh, Elizabeth K. Y.
[Type] Journal Article Research in Education, Volume 76, Vol 1, pp. 74-87 [Abstract] Not avaliable. [DOI] © 2006 SAGE Publications.
Learning to Read
 Lam, Joseph W. I.; Cheung, Wai Ming; Lam, Raymond Y. H.
The Learning and Teaching of Reading Literacy of Chinese Students in Hong Kong and Taiwan
 Tse, Shek Kam; Ko, Hwa Wei
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Students’ test performance in PIRLS, attitude to reading, and reading self‐concept across three ability groups: Data from Hong Kong
 Tse, S. K.; Lam, Joseph W. I.; Lam, Y. Raymond; Loh, Elizabeth K. Y.; Westwood, Peter S.
[Type] 學術期刊論文  Journal Article Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities, Volume 10, 2005, Issue 1, pp.9-18 [Abstract] This study uses data collected from children in Hong Kong for the PIRLS international reading survey of 2001. A total of 4867 students aged 9 to 10 years from 147 primary schools were assessed. The aim of the study is to investigate the observed differences in comprehension skills displayed in the test results from students at three ability levels. Affective factors (attitudes and reading...
Does the gender of the teacher matter in the teaching of reading literacy? Teacher gender and pupil attainment in reading literacy in Hong Kong
 Raymond Lam, Y. H.; Tse, Shek Kam; Lam, Joseph W. I.; Loh, Elizabeth K. Y.
[Type] Journal Article Teaching and Teacher Education,26(4): 754-759 [Abstract] A study of 148 primary school teachers and 4867 Grade 4 pupils in Hong Kong found no support for the proposal that boys learn to read better when taught by men teachers. In fact, it was found that both boys and girls learnt better when taught by women. Responses to a teacher questionnaire indicate significant differences in the preferred patterns of teaching favoured by male and female teachers. Responses from men...
To what extent does Hong Kong primary school students’ Chinese reading comprehension benefit from after-school private tuition?
 Tse, Shek Kam
[Type] 學術期刊論文  Journal Article Asia Pacific Education Review. 15, 283–297 [Abstract] The reading attainment of the 3,875 primary 4 Hong Kong primary school students participating in the 2011 Progress in International Reading Literacy Study ranked first among 49 countries and regions surveyed worldwide. Analysis of the association between (a) participating students’ reading attainment and (b) responses to questionnaires completed by the students and their parents revealed that classroom teaching, the school curriculum, the reader’s social and economic background and support...
Do reading practices make a difference? Evidence from PIRLS data for Hong Kong and Taiwan primary school Grade 4 students
 Tse, Shek-Kam; Xiao, Xiao-Yun; Ko, Hwa-Wei; Lam, Joseph Wai-Ip; Hui, Sau-Yan; Ng, Hung-Wai
[Type] Journal Article Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, Volume 46, 2016, Issue 3, pp. 369-393 [Abstract] This study examined the influence of classroom pedagogic reading practices and out-of-school practices in explaining why the reading attainment of Hong Kong Grade 4 students was superior to that of their counterparts in Taiwan in the 2006 Progress in International Reading Literacy Study. Analyses of scores from 9301 students (4712 from Hong Kong and 4589 from Taiwan) revealed that independent reading...
Differential influences of affective factors and contextual factors on high-proficiency readers and low-proficiency readers: a multilevel analysis of PIRLS data from Hong Kong
 Tse, Shek Kam; Xiao, Xiao-yun
[Type] Journal Article Large-scale Assessments in Education, Volume 2, Article number: 6 [Abstract] This study examined the impact of the reading-related affective factors home environment and school environment on predicting the likelihood of students being either high-proficiency or low-proficiency readers. Data from 3,875 Hong Kong SAR Grade 4 students participating in an international comparative assessment were analyzed. [DOI] © 2014 Tse and Xiao; licensee Springer.
A Problem with PIRLS: A Bogus Dip in Attitudes toward Reading between 2006 and 2011
 Krashen, Stephen; Loh, Elizabeth Ka Yee
[Type] Journal Article RELC Journal,Volume 46, 2015, Issue 2, pp. 199–203 [Abstract] There appears to be a dramatic decline in attitude toward reading between 2006 and 2011 for ten year-olds taking the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) examination. This ‘decline’, however, is probably not real but is the result of a change in the attitude questionnaire, mentioned only in the fine print in the 2011 PIRLS publication. The scoring of the 2011 version of the questionnaire was profoundly...
Examining Factor Structure of the Chinese Version of the PIRLS 2011 Home Questionnaire
 Cheung, Wai Ming; Lam, Joseph W. I.; Au, Doreen W. H.; Tsang, Hector W. H.; Chan, Stephanie W. Y.
[Type] 學術期刊論文  Journal Article Education Research International, vol. 2016, Article ID 7574107, 11 pages, 2016. [Abstract] The home questionnaire of the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS-HQ 2011) was designed to gather information from parents or primary caregivers of fourth-grade pupils on their reading literacy development related to aspects of pupils’ home lives across countries/districts. The questionnaire was translated into different languages for international comparison and research purposes. This study aims to assess the psychometric properties of the...